Glenn Anderson

“I’ve always had a fascination of how advances in science influence history and human progress.  Humankind of all descriptions has  always set upon the seas in pursuit of what lay over the horizon.  The golden age of sailing ships in the global Ages of Navigation and Discovery was the ‘space travel’ of its time.  Great risks were taken and great discoveries were made.  That speaks to me.  What also speaks to me is mojitos poolside under the palms and listening to the tide come in under the twilight sky.”

Glenn has over 30 years of experience in corporate banking and public policy experience building entrepreneurial innovation ecosystems creating science and technology jobs.  His early banking career in building the growth of the Silicon Valley and Seattle ecosystems led to a second career in public service in the Washington State Legislature. 

Glenn oversaw the entire K-20 and workforce training policy and budget.  Glenn was a statewide leader for a comprehensive assessment of education reforms to support 21st Century state economic competitiveness that was later enacted into law.  It included a comprehensive multistate review of higher education research, commercialization and workforce training practices to accelerate smart and sustainable economic development.  He also oversaw the state’s international trade strategies and investments, as well as information technology infrastructure investments.  He served on the state’s Life Sciences Discovery Board which provided $26M in seed grants that led to over $200M in follow-on funding to 40 startup companies.  Glenn was awarded the ‘Washington General’ designation for outstanding civic service to the state.  He also served as Business Development Director for the third largest higher education institute in the state.

His personal interests include; well… just about everything at least once.  But, in particular, wilderness hiking, skydiving, managing his library and traveling to beaches globally.  Then there is that music thing.

Glenn is a native of Alabama and a graduate of the University of Alabama-Birmingham with a B.A in International Trade Economics and Political Science minor