Cape Fear Ocean Labs will be providing value-added services to innovative BlueTech companies in the following five areas:

BlueTech Public Policy Education

We will provide state and local public policy leaders with expert insight into BlueTech commercial job creation, the high value-add impact of a sustainable BlueTech industry, and recommendations for improving North Carolina’s competitiveness. Our services will include a periodically updated online metrics dashboard to inform policy decision-making.

BlueTech Workforce Development

We will work with our regional K12 and higher education institutions to build nationally recognized blue-specific STEM programs that cultivate diverse and inclusive youth interest in a wide variety of BlueTech technologies.  We will provide our operational services to the education community for student use to facilitate a nationally recognized BlueTech workforce pipeline.  This includes a Blue-specific job referral network.

NOAA AUV and operators

BlueTech Operational Services

We will establish and operate an Ocean Engineering fabrication Makerspace that provides access to advanced mechanical, materials and electronics tooling,  as well as ‘at sea’ test range operations. We will work with geospatial and other data providers to provide makerspace user access to datasets that support prototyping of analytic and AI services.  We will provide a depot of marine unmanned surface, subsurface, and aerial robotics systems that we will lease at low cost to academic institutions and commercial users.

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BlueTech Business Intelligence and Marketing

We will provide insight and expertise to entrepreneurial growth firms seeking to expand their professional networking opportunities in the BlueTech market space. This includes a curated e-repository of scientific research and commercial markets studies, reports, resource guides and professional directories of the BlueTech industry.  

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BlueTech Fundraising Support

We will provide an accelerator concierge service to various fundraising pathways to federal agencies, state programs, and private investors.  This will include partnering with business startups, established companies, and academic institutions to cultivate opportunities in specific federal, state, and international contracting programs.