Our Vision and Mission

Cape Fear Ocean Labs will be the globally recognized lead organization in the Cape Fear Region for Blue Tech economic growth and job creation based on scientific discovery, technology development, and commercial deployment.

Cape Fear Ocean Labs is a focused long term Blue Economy 501(c)(3) non-profit initiative to significantly expand business and entrepreneurial activity in, attract investment capital to, and grow a global reputation as a robust applied science and technology deployment hub for ocean and coastal innovations in the greater Cape Fear region. Our mission is to spur new scientific knowledge and technology deployment that drives entrepreneurial ‘problem solving’, advances the economic security of our region, and promotes stewardship of our natural assets. We are a living bridge between smart ideas, sharp people, essential resources, and high-value solutions to support a dynamic locally-anchored Blue Tech business cluster hub.

Board of Directors

Hon. Glenn Anderson – Board Chair

Managing Director, Strategikon Ventures
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Bill Wilson – Board Secretary and Treasurer

Owner, Executive Consultant, Envision Strategies LLC
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Darryl Garrett – Board Member

Executive and Independent Consultant
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Susan Bales – Board Member

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Bales Innovation Group
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Charles Daniels – Board Member

CEO, Nottingham Resource Group
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Diane Durance, Executive Vice President, Michigan Capital Network

Diane Durance – Founding Partner

Executive Vice President, Michigan Capital Network
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