Why Wilmington, NC is a great place for BlueTech development and businesses

The greater Wilmington/SENC region provides a unique set of features that support evolution and maturation of BlueTech that is critical to the evolution and maturation of the Blue Economy: It is adjacent to the second largest coastal riverine estuary system in the nation. Second only to Florida, North Carolina has the largest coastal access to…


Cape Fear Ocean Labs – Enabling The Toolmakers

Our world ocean is the source of all biological Life on Earth. It accounts for 70% of the Earth’s surface. Yet today, according to NOAA, only 5% of the ocean subsurface has been explored and mapped. It is truly an unexplored frontier.


Offshore Wind Can Drive BlueTech Innovation in Southeast NC.

On May 11 the U.S. Interior Department Bureau of Ocean Energy Management will conduct an auction for the Wilmington East offshore wind tract. This will kick off a process that will progress in phases over 25-30 years. When completed, the Wilmington East area could generate more than 1.5 gigawatts of electricity, which Interior said is…

Blue Convergence

As part of the Alliance for the Blue Economy sponsored All Blue Week in November 2021, globally recognized futurist Deb Westphal conducted a series of ‘Convergence’ interviews to facilitate local leadership investment in the Blue Economy.  See the Convergence conversation with Glenn Anderson, the Board Chair of Cape Fear Ocean Labs.  CFOL is a nonprofit dedicated to…